Breaking The Pattern – Ruska


AB5BCCB8-5213-4206-A6B3-B30C14D1BD92The genius of this book is that it allows for so many adaptations and variations. As with all Named patterns the instructions and diagrams are clear and easy to follow.


The Ruska has a knit dress, knot dress, t-shirt and tunic variations and I have used the turtle neck and long sleeves from the dress on the t-shirt body. The turtle neck is two piece and this double layer keeps the shape really well.


Each pattern version in the book has a list of pattern pieces, clear line drawing and cutting layouts with a list of notions and fabric requirements. It also lists the skills you learn completing the garments as they increase in complexity through the book from a bag to jeans and a coat.

The introduction to the book also has useful tips and instructions that would be great for a beginner.

F4142E37-B9F0-46B9-8079-0BE68EBFBBA1The list of pattern pieces and cutting diagrams are lovely and clear to follow. The dress outline below shows the additional shaping to the sides of the dress. The necklines also differ to accommodate the turtle neck collar. As the shoulder and armhole are the same it was easy to trace the lines needed.

0A8B900C-15FB-4E19-B023-BB074B436A39The pattern pieces are on large sheets that have the sections clearly listed, but the large sections are spread over several sheets. The patterns are available as pdf downloads so that will be my choice for another pattern. The patterns do overlap, but not quite as much as in Burda magazines!


I love this book, and there are several garments that I am planning to make. The final section of the book ‘How to Break the Pattern’ states ‘there are countless ways to alter and spice up clothes’ and it really doesn’t disappoint with this clever premise

674E8DE7-FEB1-4376-B8BA-8CBA5D78C79EThis fabric is a 200g jersey from Pin and Sew in one of my favourite colours 😺✂️✂️


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