The Makers Atelier Asymmetric Gathered Dress


EC3C9447-2FA4-402E-A0CC-11395ACEFCB4This is a relatively recent pattern from The Makers Atelier, it uses elastic in channels to form deep gathers that create asymmetric draping. I bought the elastic from the web site with the pattern as it needs a soft elastic that won’t fold easily. The fabric is cupro bought on-line from Rainbow Fabrics, an amazing bargain at £5 a metre 😺



The neck facing is sewn down on one side to form the elastic channel, and separate pieces are neatened and then sewn to the back and side of the dress. The sleeves simply turn up and are stitched  over the elastic after it is joined at the correct size to fit comfortably over the arm.


I used two rows of stitching to attach the casings to the back and sides to hold the fabric flat, and to prevent the fabric pulling as it gathered. The neck and sleeves have a single row.


I turned up the hem approx 1.5cm as I wanted the dress to fall at my calf, I’m 5’4” so this was the length of the dress without any alterations.


Francis Tobin has posted some ideas for developing the pattern by using ribbon to make the gathers which are on the Makers Atelier site. I’m sure I will make another version of this pattern as it’s an easy make that creates a really unusual garment 😺✂️✂️


2 thoughts on “The Makers Atelier Asymmetric Gathered Dress

  1. Very nice work, and you look terrific in the dress. Thanks for posting your review. I like her work enormously, but shipping to the US ….


    1. Thank you Elizabeth 😺 the patterns are a luxury buy here too. If you have the Essential Collection book published Stateside that would be a good buy as the patterns in it are fab and they really are true to the aesthetic of the single patterns


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