Style Arc Winnie Knit Top



Style Arc describe Winnie as a funnel neck top with deep hems. It’s currently a free pattern when you buy another PDF so a lovely bargain. (I always get a BOGOF when I buy their patterns 😺).


It really is an easy pattern to make. The fabric I used is a 4 way stretch jersey from Fabric Godmother. The edges rolled as soon as they were cut, so I overlocked the body sides and hem edges, and the edge of the funnel neck. This really stabilised everything.


I used a 1.5 x 2.5 zig zag for the seams to maintain the stretch. I also used zig zag for the sleeve and body hems.



The split hem is a really nice feature. It would be easily omitted if you planned to tuck your top in when worn.


The pattern denotes where to fold the neck to create the soft funnel shape, and it’s held in place with a few stitches to the neck seam.


The sleeves are rather long, but I like to be able to pull them down over my wrists when it’s cold. I made my usual size 12 😺✂️✂️





2 thoughts on “Style Arc Winnie Knit Top

  1. I know this post is a couple of months old, but I was having trouble understanding what I was supposed to do at the split hem so I googled around and came up with this post. Thank you! Your picture of the inside of the hem helped quite a bit!

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